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MSM760 - Problem with DHCP

Fredrik Wellner
Occasional Contributor

MSM760 - Problem with DHCP


I have a MSM 760 with MSM410 AP:s, firmware revision

The clients doesn't get any dhcp leases. The client vlan is routed by a Cisco and the dhcp server is a Windows server. If I connect with a cable to the vlan I get an address. I have set up WPA-PSK on the VSC, the authebntication works.

It seems that there has been an "Allow traffic between wired clients and tunneled wireless clients" in earlier revisions. I can't find this box anywhere in the controller.

I have mirrored the traffic from/to the AP and the feeling I get is that broadcast traffic reaches the network from the client but unicast doesn't.

Any idea why this doesn't work?


Trevor Commulynx
Regular Advisor

Re: MSM760 - Problem with DHCP

is the AP offloading Traffic or is it being terminated at the controller?
Fredrik Wellner
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSM760 - Problem with DHCP

Hi, Thanks for your answer.

The AP is offloading traffic to the local network. The clients is using the same vlan as the AP:s.