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MSM760 SOAP FAULT error 1008

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MSM760 SOAP FAULT error 1008

I need help. Since today my MSM760 Wireless Controller is showing an error int the System Log:


Jun 27 11:54:49.745 err websoap Detail: <error><errorcode>1008</errorcode><errorinfo>Command is not supported given this product's current feature set</errorinfo></error>

Jun 27 11:54:49.745 err websoap SOAP FAULT: SOAP-ENV:Client "Command is not supported given this product's current feature set" Jun 27 11:54:49.745 warn websoap Feature (name='sc_teaming') check failure.


There are problems with some users to connect to the wireless and i don't know if this error is involved with that problem. But even if it is not involved, i wanna know if that error could be a problem in the future. Thanks.




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Re: MSM760 SOAP FAULT error 1008

It looks like you have tried to enable teaming on an Access Controller. Or possibly uploaded a configuration which has teaming enabled. This isn't possible, for teaming you need to have either Mobility controllers or Access Controllers with a Premium Mobility licenses.


However you can't really see this error more than once, as an Access Controller won't allow you to enable teaming in the first place. Consequently this isn't related to any possible user connectivity issues.


HPE Networking Engineer