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MSM760 Teaming and Captive portal...


MSM760 Teaming and Captive portal...

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This is just an open question...


I am working at a school. About half a year ago, we bought our second msm760 mobility controller for one purpose only. When the students were having tests, there is no room for WIFI failures.

The students are using an AD connected captive portal to connect the WIFI network, and this have been working fine for years.

Now we have a second controller and the controllers are in a teamed together the captive portal are still fine. Now we are experience lots of controller failures, reboots and user interruption / disconnection.

Then I started to read about this on the internet and the thing is that I only find sad stories about msm760 controller teaming. Especially if the controller team is using captive portal.


Therefore, I need to hear this straight up. What is your experience about teaming and captive portal? Is there a better firmware to use for teaming or is the answer to drop the teaming part and throw one of the controllers in garbage?


We have tried whit different firmware, all with issues. From to


Kind regards J