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MSM760 Teaming with Internet port


MSM760 Teaming with Internet port

I have a working MSM760 Mobility controller with serveral VSC's, once of which is a captive portal used by guests. I want to add a second controller for redundancy and make it into a team.


Currently, the LAN IP of the controller is the default gateway, and traffic exits through the Internet port. NAT is not used, and our core network routes the VSC's subnet back to the Internet port address.


I understand that teaming creates a virtual LAN IP and I would change the default gateway for the clients to point to it.  What I can't figure out is if there is a virtual IP for the Internet port.  Obviously, routing all the traffic to the actual IP of one controller defeats the purpose of teaming.


I'm not totally against the idea of changing the VSC to use NAT, but I'm concerned about port exhaustion when scaling 1000 users behind a single IP, so I'd prefer to stay with a routed solution.  Has anybody implemented something similar who can point me in the right direction?