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MSM760: VSC Signals continue going up and down

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MSM760: VSC Signals continue going up and down

hi all,


we have this problem since ages (and different fw levels): our ap were all MSM310 operating at 2.4 GHz, with autochannel selected.


Performance is quite bad: using simple tools (smartphone app or windows programs like acrylic) its evident that the singals continuosly go down, than come up again.


Yesterday the fw has been updated to no changes.


Than I have found a couple of MSM410 APs, so i installed them in place of 2 MSM310, and configured to operate at 5 GHz.

After installing the first one,  the 5Ghz signal appeared good and stable.

I've installed the second one, it has self deployed on same channel (36) even if the 2 Ap are very close (15 meters, no significant obstacles between them). The signals at 5 GHz become unstable just like the 2.4 ones!


I tried to manual configure an ap at channel 36 and the other at channel 40. No changes.


That's really a nightmare....