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MSM760 and MAC authentication

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MSM760 and MAC authentication

I am trying to set up VCS with MAC list authentication (internal), but it doesn't work.
I followed the instructions, enabled MAC-based authentication, and created MAC list with the mac address of my laptop and ,mask ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I am sure that the VCS is set up correctly, as if only MAC-based authentication is disabled everything works fine.
Have you come across this sort of problem?

I have approached the HP support, but they said it might be lengthy procedure so I am seeking advice on this forum.

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cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication

no any problem internal mac outhentication on MSM 760 controller device

please check allow or block check box in wireless mac filter space

if you write trusted mac address this list must be mark allow check box

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Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication

Hi cenk sasmaztin,

Thanks for a quick response.

Sorry, I was not clear enough.

There are to ways of setting up MAC based security.
1 - MAC-based authentication
2 - Wireless MAC filter

I am trying to use the 1st option, as it allows creating MAC address mask, and authenticate laptops WLAN cards from one vendor having only one entry. It is extremely beneficial in my case, as I have 150 laptops bought at once with MAC addresses with continues numbers.
Please find attached the picture of the MAC list entry.

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Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication

Hi Seb,

The MAC list feature (according to the help "?") appears only to be used with the switch ports for the MSM317 (in wall device with integrated 802.11b/g and 4 port switch).

If you have a MAC list created, you will see that list available under the "MAC Filter" section of of configuration for the "switch ports" section on the configuration (Controlled Aps -> Configuration -> Switch ports -> Port1- Port4)).

Lee Thomas_1
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Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication

As far as I can tell, you are supposed to create local users with the username being the MAC address, however I can't get this to work either .. so any advice is apprectiated.
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Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication

       Customer want simple MAC-address based filter for LAB laptop’s.


        We have configured and tested the MAC address based filter for single SSID [VSC] on the WLC-MSM-760. It seems to be working fine.


       But when we try to add more than 64 MAC on the same VSC, it says maximum entry reached on the VSC profile. It looks the controller will support maximum 64 MAC’s per VSC. But customer requirement is unlimited or more than 500 Mac-entry for each VSC.


Is there any way to configure this VSC level MAC-Filter with unlimited entry. Please advise.


Your quick response will be much appreciated.



Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication

Hello SIr

Try to un check Access controlled account and try again.

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Re: MSM760 and MAC authentication


i have a device hp procurve networking msm765

i want to block mac addresses, so, if this option there please i want to know it ???