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MSM760 and MSM430


MSM760 and MSM430


All 65 of my MSM430 are performing quiet bad on 2,4GHz. If I replace one of them in a classroom at put up another type (Tried a Cisco) it runs perfectly.

If I remove one from the controller and run autonomous on it, it still performance bad. Signal quality looks great. It is like there is not traffic getting through.

Does not matter if I put everything in auto mode on the controller or the Access Point, I tried to adjust channel and power manually but still no luck.

Running 2 Vlans. One native and on for controller traffic. Firmware APis on DHCP. (Tried running without Vlans, all native)  Looks like i goes wrong, when user load is raising but the thing is that it is never really good.


Amy suggestions?

 Kind Regards