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MSM760 and MSM460/430 wireless penetration problems

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MSM760 and MSM460/430 wireless penetration problems



I currently have a MSM760(Firmware  controlling a large amount of MSM460's in a Hotel environment. When set the WAP's into autonomous mode(country setting Australia) the power output is 23db@802.11n and 25db@802.11b/g which is great.


But as soon as they are added to the MSM760 controller the Country and VSC settings take over and change the output to 20db@802.11n and 20db@802.11b/g.


Now I have tried to manually override the VSC but it seems like the country settings are holding the access points back from performing at a peak power output.


Can someone please help me with this.



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Re: MSM760 and MSM460/430 wireless penetration problems

Hello Mike,


You can change the coutry settings on the controller by group, that is, you can create a group of wap that will use coutry code as Australia.


Assigning country settings to a group

The country of operation, also known as the regulatory domain, determines the availability of

certain wireless settings on an AP. The country of operation is configured at the group level.

To configure country settings, select either:

Controlled APs >> Configuration > Country

Controlled APs > [

group] >> Configuration > Country