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MSM760 cannot detect more than 10 AP422

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MSM760 cannot detect more than 10 AP422

We have an MSM760 managing a series of 422 Access Points. The Controller is able to determined  that we have 15 configured APs, however  only 10 appears on the Detected and Synchronized list. The other five are not able to pull any configuraion from the MSM controller.


I have deleted the configurations of those 5 AP, did a full reset (by pressing the small button on the AP near the etyhernet port) and reconnected them after entering the AP Name and Ethernet MAC number in the AP management screen, without success. Also tried in the Overview AP detail screen to Synchronize Configuration and Remove and Rediscover without success.  Any ideas. I am dumfounded. ASee screen grab attachment. The functioning APs have the green indicator




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Re: MSM760 cannot detect more than 10 AP422

Hi ijramirez!


Sounds like it could be a license issue.

How many AP licenses do you have?

Under the summary section top left, click on 'Controlled APs', and you should be able to see your AP limits.