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MSM760 connection problem

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MSM760 connection problem

We have recently replaced 2 MSM710's with MSM760's. when we try to connect to the wireless network, the client gets a message that connection failed.
in the event log of the client we have: explicit eap failure received - 0x50005

we are using Microsoft Network Policy Server to carry out our Radius functions, the error in the log on this machine is: Network Policy Server denied access to a user. - No credentials are available in the security package

on the controller itself we have a list of radius messages that don't really tell me much about the problem, with the final message being Access-Reject.

if i try to connect to a guest wireless we have setup on the same box, i can connect. when i launch Internet Explorer to enter my credentials i get an error page with the following message:

the 2 controllers exibit the same problems. 1 was setup with a restored config, the other was built from scratch.

i've a feeling it's something simple, but i've not found it yet! can anyone help, please?!?
Kyle Massey

Re: MSM760 connection problem

Please give some details about the VSC setup. Is it access controlled using the RADIUS server on the MSM or is it just "authentication" that is checked on the VSC.

How is your "wireless protection" setup? WPA2 with Dynamic keys? Do you have a remote authentication profile selected?

On the authentication profile do you have the correct RADIUS shared secret setup that matches what you have on NPS server when you add the MSM's as a client?

On your NPS server what Radius policies do you have setup? Have you authorized them in active directory?

Please give some details and we can probably figure out why it is not working.