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MSM760 controller VLAN configuration assistance needed

Jeffrey Krawczyk
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MSM760 controller VLAN configuration assistance needed


My colleague and I are setting up a new HP MSM 760 wireless controller. I'm at a loss as to how configure this unit.

I have experience with Cisco as the core and Symbol WS5100 wireless controllers, and these make sense. All of the access ports and the WLAN port are set in a layer 2 vlan. The LAN port is trunked and the symbol can scan this trunk for VLANS and I could map the VLANS to a AP policy.

On these HP controllers, oh boy, an INternet port and a LAN port.

Here's my need:
1) Warehouse wireless devices will be preconfigured with warehouse SSID and authenticate, they will become a member of our warehouse VLAN31
2) Office wireless users with laptops will see our office SSID and authenticate. They will become a member of our Office VLAN.
3) I need visitors to go directly to the INternet

Questions I have:
Can anyone explain how I can accomplish this?
Does anyone have a sample config?
Do I need to make the LAN port a trunk port? I think yes
Do I need to tag the LAN port at the connection on my HP switch?

The problem is there is no instructions -(

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Trevor Commulynx
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Re: MSM760 controller VLAN configuration assistance needed

IF you download this the explanations and configuration instructions are here.

Sietze Reitsma
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Re: MSM760 controller VLAN configuration assistance needed

First the concept of the MSM is different then Symbol and Cisco. The MSM is distributed, which makes it more powerfull. Because does not flow to the controller by default, we could speak of a non-blocking wireless solution. With 802.11n standards a more required approach.

Normal traffic does not flow to the controller, but direcly to the vlan you associate. For example: your office ssid is configured with the office vlan. You also need to create this vlan on the wired port where the AP is connected.

Guest traffic is different, this will be tunneled to the controller and the guest will see an html login page as soon as they start a browser.
Jeffrey Krawczyk
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Re: MSM760 controller VLAN configuration assistance needed

Thanks folks for the information. I need to read the documentation you provided to educate myself with the functionality and logic.

After a day perusing through the web interface, we were able to get our warehouse wireless SSID working. However, our office SSID, isn't working:
Service COntrollers > VSCs > Office and warehouse, the Office under the ingress SSID column is showing as SSID off.

I don't know why this is the case.


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