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MSM760 diffrent vlans diffrent SSID

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MSM760 diffrent vlans diffrent SSID



Our network structure are one 5406zl , one MSM760 CONTROLLER , eight PRO CURVE  J9085A Switch  and nineteen MSM310 ACCESS POINT


Current setup , there are one Vlan (default Vlan) and one SSID is running,


We want to create second vlan and create a new SSID , each SSID will be serve diffrent network


All AP are connected to VLAN1 , the lan controller also connect to vlan1


We defined the second vlan (vlan 20) , 3 port  added to the vlan 20 and vlan1 and vlan 20 is working fine we tested the computers which are directly connected to Vlan 20 's ports , can be take ip address from DHCP server


we also defined second SSID ,  we can see both of SSID1 and SSID2 and can connected Second SSID


But when we connected to second SSID the computers doesnt take the ip addess from the DHCP server

Could you please help to solve  the problem and send me the config ?


Are the access point  connect to tagged or untagged port on VLan 1?

is the Lan controller connect to tagged or untagged port on vlan1




cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM760 diffrent vlans diffrent SSID

firstly switch port must untag ap. vlan and tag vlan 20
You must create network profile for vlan 20
and this profile must be bind ap groups (default group)
for example
vsc = 3
egress-vlan-state = ENABLED
network-def-uid = 2c2db69b00000001
dual-radio-binding = radio1-and-radio2
location-aware-group-name = "Default Group"
vsc = 2
egress-vlan-state = ENABLED
network-def-uid = 2c2db69b00000002
dual-radio-binding = radio1-and-radio2
location-aware-group-name = "Default Group"