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Re: MSM760 guest payment

Martin Saini
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MSM760 guest payment

i am working on an hotel project with mutliple VLANs mapped to VSCs for employees, POS-Handheld Systems and also a guest VLAN. I have a MSM760 running with MSM310-APs, everything is working fine. My Question is: I have found some refernces in the asp files of the Public Access Web Server containing bill-to-room payment method - i could not find any of the functions in any documentation - has anyone used this feature?
my sescond question is, can i add session variables to the payment interface? so - can i add Name/Address etc. and transfer it to authorize.net at the user payment action?



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Martin Saini
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Re: MSM760 guest payment

One more thing, has anyone used: GetRadiusReplyMessage() ?
I have a ticketing system running with a radius server and would like to show the radius reply message to failed logins.

Jouni Kosonen

Re: MSM760 guest payment

Hello Martin,

Could you please specify a bit more as to what information are you looking over from the internal webpages (the asp files)?

The credit card processing service that we have in the controller is an internal captive portal (no external backend needed although if you choose; you can use external one too).

The current credit card service providers that we support are:

5.4. code branch:

authorize.net ( aim interface )

5.5. code branch
all the above and added support for paypal.

At the moment I dont think you have a possibility to modify those parameters (name/address/etc) in the credit card process as it typically goes as follows in the controller:

- login to the wifi network > get forwarded to the login page.
- subscribe to the service
- put in your desired username/password.
- enter your credit card details
- confirm details > buy > access internet

But if you wish to include more details to the customer ticket, you would have to use the guest management tool (gms) which unfortunately is not yet linked to the credit card process so you would have to do the client billing in a another way, i.e. add the internet bill to the customer(s) room bill instead of have them go through the credit card process by themselves.

hope this helps!

Martin Saini
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Re: MSM760 guest payment

Thx for the answer!

sorry for not telling what my configuration is looking like:

so i have everything up and running as follows, using 5.5

.) internal captive protal
.) internal backend with creditcard payment as you discribed working with authorize.net.

.) external backend (radius) for people who want to buy a prepaid internet-card at the reception or which do no not have a credit card.

in the .asps i have foung things like:
payment_method == "BillToRoom" etc, etc

but in the interface or cli there is nothing like that, also all documents do not describe anything about it.

also i found commented out card_first_name and card_last_name - commenting them in results in not having them in the session, so i guess they are not provided (anymore?)

And the third thing is: in the documentation it says:
Displays the reply message content received inside the last RADIUS Request or RADIUS Accept packet for the user. The RADIUS server must be configured to support this feature. The information contained in the returned string depends on the configuration of the RADIUS server.

so i am not sure if a) i did not understand how to use it :) or b) it only records reply messages on request and accept - not on reject. so it is not possible to show the user the reason why his ticket is not valid anymore.
in an older colubris document:
Returns the string sent by the RADIUS server when an authentication request fails. The
RADIUS server must be configured to support this feature. The information contained in
the returned string depends on the configuration of the RADIUS server.

this is what i would need - i wonder if it realy has been changed?

Martin Saini
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Re: MSM760 guest payment

ohh sorry, i just found in the documentation: GetRadiusReplyMessage() is also used for access-reject. so where would be the right position to call the function in the captive portal code, if a username/pw (from radius) fails?

thx alot!