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MSM760 mobility controller radio status pending

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MSM760 mobility controller radio status pending



I set up an MSM760 with 140 MSM430 AP for one of my project. Everything works fine but when i check one of syncronized AP on MSM 760 by moving mouse cursor on antenna symbol on syncronized AP page it says Radio status is pending. Is there any one who have any idea about that ..


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Re: MSM760 mobility controller radio status pending

Which version of code? older firmwares DID have problems with MSM430s going pending (and the icons being grayed out). Newer firmware has fixed the issue.
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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: MSM760 mobility controller radio status pending

Hi Safak


How serious this is depends completely on whether the APs are broadcasting the SSIDs without breaks.


What you see on the GUI is not actually a live situation. It's always a little bit behind. The controller's statspoller process invokes stats transfer process on the AP, which will then provide the APs current status information for the controller. Statspoller process in turn provides the data to another process that handles the management GUI. All these processes have timeouts.


Check the device logs for "statistics transfer failed" -messages. If there is sufficient delay in the transfer process, the GUI will show the radio as Pending. At the next successful transfer the status will return to Active.


The delays do not indicate a failure in MSM FW or HW itself, they can (and often do) come from some issues in the wired environment. It's quite possible that actual clients do not see any connectivity issues, but due to abovementioned timeouts they can come up in this context.


So if your users aren't seeing loss of SSID at the time when radio is Pending, start by checking the logs. If you see transfer failures, check the wired network, and the wired configuration. 


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