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MSM760 - not getting internet access

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MSM760 - not getting internet access

I have created a new VSC and mapped it to a controlled AP.  This is setup using a Radius server for authentication.  A new vlan for this new VSC has been configured on the Switch (HP procurve) .  DHCP scopes have been setup for this new VSC subnet.

Subnet is routed on the MSM

Group is bound to the VSC pointing to correct Network Profile and mapped to correct VLAN.


I can authenticate via the Radius server but I am not getting a DHCP address assigned.  I am being assigned a typical 169 Ip address and don't have internet access.


Is there anything else that i am missing that i need to do?


any help will be so appreciated!!

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Re: MSM760 - not getting internet access

Before determine the problem, we would need to know... are you a) using the controller as the DHCP server and using NAT translation, or b) using an external DHCP server?

Also, is this a regular private/secured VSC that is egressed off to the network/VLAN, or is this a guest/tunneled VSC that is access controlled?

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