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Re: MSM760 only 18 AccessPoints

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MSM760 only 18 AccessPoints

Hello from Germany,


I have a Problem with an older MSM760 witch Software

There are 40 AccessPoints licensed, configurated are 20. Now the Problem is, that only 18 AccessPoints works propably. If i connect one AP more, this AP can`t work. No communication between MSM760 and the AP.

Have anyone an idea, what the problem is?


Thanks a lot.



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Re: MSM760 only 18 AccessPoints

It can be Firmware bug or else try with below steps

- reset the AP using reset button and connect back again

-check the switch port configuration

-upgrade the firmware to the latest stable version

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Re: MSM760 only 18 AccessPoints

Hello harendra, our MSM760 is a bit older, ist labeld on HP the vendor is Colubris. HP says, that we have the latest Firmware for this hardware of the MSM760.

THe switchport is configurated.

If i disconnect one of the 18 AP`s, than i can install a new AP. But i can`t connect 19 AP`s, only 18 will work and i have no idea to solve the problem.

Best wishes.


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Re: MSM760 only 18 AccessPoints

Hi Lutz,

Was the 19th AP discovered by the HPE MSM 760 Controller as soon as it was connected or not?

What does the Controlled APs -> Overview -> Discovered APs page report?

There should be a Diagnostic column with interesting informations (As example, it should reports, per each discovered AP you added, a message like "AP limit exceeded" if the maximum number of APs already managed by the MSM Controller was reached yet).

What does the Controlled APs -> Overview -> Configured APs page report?

Are you sure you can't upgrade your MSM 760 to latest Firwmare V6.6.4.0? AFAIK there are no Hardware restrictions (other that those related to some particular APs model used).

I've read (See the V6.5.3.0 Release Notes) that V6.5.1.0 release fixed four reported issues (respectively 151653, 163577 and 160668, 165122) that are related to the "AP limit exceeded" diagnostic message:

  • [151653, 163577] the number of APs per controller limit was prematurely reached (and indicated as "AP limit exceeded" due to controller/AP synchronization issues
  • [160668, 165122] false "AP limit exceeded" errors that made it not possible to configure an AP.

So keeping your MSM 760 Controller updated (with a version newer that the V6.2.0.0 which is already marked as insecure) would probably solve your specific issue (If I were you and if there aren't Support/Hardware restrictions, I would use the V6.6.4.0 released in May).

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