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MSM760 problem with MAC authentification

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MSM760 problem with MAC authentification




I explain my problem. I want to set up MAC address authentication. I created my VSC and checked the "Wireless MAC Filter" with "allow" option but it does not.
Using the same VSC and configuring a WPA authentication works ca. Similarly using the VSC and configuring WPA authentication and MAC it works.

But I want to use to use the MAC address. Do you have a solution.
I'm v6.5.0.1-19720.

I see this error when a PC is authenticated:
  AP has received deauthenticate request from client (mac = '00: 27: 10: 22: C5: 44 ') on interface (value =' r1v1 ') using SSID (value =' Hebert002 '). Reason code (value = 'Unspecified'). Total number of customers (value = '0')


Thanks for your help in advance.