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MSM760 reboots by itself..

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MSM760 reboots by itself..

hi all,


we have an MSM760 that reboots by itself.. we would like to set it to its factory default setting, unfortunately we forgot the ip address of the device, its default ip was change to something else. we tried to access CLI but we also dont know the username and password.


we would like to ask help on:


1. how to reset it to factory default (is there a button in the hardwre that we could press then boom, it will back to its factory setting?)


2. how do we upgrade firmware or O.S. for the MSM? maybe we need to upgrade this one so that it will not reboot by itself.



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Re: MSM760 reboots by itself..

Hi svmayol,


you can reset the password like described in this post:



I`m facing the same reboot issue and upgrading the firmware hasn`t helped me :-/
If you find out how to solve that problem please let me know!