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MSM760 strange errors...

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MSM760 strange errors...

Hi There.


On my MSM760 Team I am experience some errors. Can anyone explain them to me?
I have tried googling it, but cannot find an answer.


First error:
store-devices: SG24XXXXXX Couldn’t identify device
I can ping the address from the controllers web interface. However, I cannot find it any ware in our switch environment or in MSM ARP table or log files. How can I track the device? It shows every 5-10 seconds I log.


Second error:
webredirect: assert: ../webs.c websParseFirst 908 (text && *text).
This error do not give me anything…


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Re: MSM760 strange errors...

First error... the SG24xxxxxx looks like a serial # for an MSM AP to me? 169.254 is not a valid useable IP address, that's what devices get when they aren't given a proper address from a DHCP server.

No idea on the second error.
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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:


Re: MSM760 strange errors...

Hi There.


The SG24# is the seriel number of one of the controllers.




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Re: MSM760 strange errors...

Aren't 169.x.x.x link-local addresses issued by the APs for tunnels they create back to the controller?

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Re: MSM760 strange errors...


For this: store-devices: SG24XXXXXX Couldn’t identify device

Are you seeing this repeatedly? That could have appeared because your AP lost connectivity/rebooted. I dont think you should worry unless it appears all the time.

For this:
webredirect: assert: ../webs.c websParseFirst 908 (text && *text).

Were you using the WEBUI at that moment? Was a client on an HTML-based login VSC? Custom web-pages?

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Re: MSM760 strange errors...

The management traffic between the controller and APs is done via a tunnel, and within that tunnel they use 169.254 -addresses. So these addresses will never show up in your LAN.


I've not seen the "couldn't identify" -message before, but when it's associated wiht store-devices and an AP tunnel IP address it seems quite clear - the controller can't recognize this AP for one reason or another.


Webredirect refers to HTML login on VSC. It's not related to the controller GUI, so if you're not using HTML login for VSC it shouldn't affect your wireless. However assert is worrying. If you haven't done so already, please contact your local support center.


To help us get started please gather from the controller the config, filtered and unfiltered logs and sysinfo file for support.


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