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MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID

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MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID


I've have a MSM760 with 2 MSM422 AP's and 2 MSM410.

I want to have 1 wlan for normal network usage, and one for guest network.

Normal network should have WPA/WPA2 encryption.
Guest network should be open.

I have a guest network already setup, 10.1.0.X
and my normal network 10.0.0.X

I have connected the guest network to the Internet port, and normal network to the LAN port.

How should i set this up?

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Re: MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID

the exact scenario is described in details with the configuration in the Implementation Guide which is available to download from my.procurve.com, below direct link
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Re: MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID

Are you sure this is the right PDF?
There is 278 pages of plans over a hospital, not how to config our msm760.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID

You should not read this document not as a "walk-through" for your setup but as a design guide to devellop a complex solution.
It's a very nice document, but maybe it goes too deep for the question at hand.
It DOES describe the situation you are looking for
1) public WLAN for internet access
2) private WLAN for doctors
(3) private WLAN for VoIP

the section "Overview: PCU Medical Center" is described as "Example WLAN Installation"
>>> As you read through this chapter, assume that you are a part of a team of
wireless networking experts who have been hired by the university to help
PCUMC develop a wireless solution.
The hospital also wants to provide Internet access for visitors and patients in
the hospital and office building as well as wireless access to the university
network for students and instructors in the office building. The hospital wants
to provide doctors who have offices in the office building with wireless access
to the ERS.
To complement the existing voice-over-IP (VoIP) system, PCU would like to
offer wireless VoIP (VoWLAN) service campus-wide, including the office
building and hospital. <<<

Sections about coverage you may choose to skip. Sections about security can be helpfull to realize a secure solution.
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Re: MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID

sorry the wrong document :D

the below link is the right one
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Re: MSM760 with 2 VLAN / 2 SSID

This is what i've setup so far.

Created 3 VSC's


LAN settings:

Use server controller for: Authentication
VCS Ingress mappings: SSID
Virtual AP ticked
Wireless Protection WPA or WPA2

Public settings:

Use service controller for: Autentication, Access control
VSC ingress mapping: SSID (grey) VLAN: Public
SSID: Public

I've created 1 VLAN

Public: Port Internet
VLAN name: Public
Assign IP via: None

LAN is connected to the LAN port, and to our network. (dhcp enabled)
Public is connected to Internet port, and to our guest wired network switch. (dhcp enabled)

Do i need to setup some vlan on our HP 2848 Procurve switches also?