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MSM760 with MSM410 and MSM430 Problems

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MSM760 with MSM410 and MSM430 Problems

Hi there

We have a MSM760 controller and using MSM410 and MSM430 Access Points with this.

We have an annoying problem with this, if the controller or access point loses network connection or power, the access point will not reconnect back to the controller, it will need resetting with a paperclip. The controller will state the access point is offline, but the access points do seem to still work through.

The error is see is: ID 82933: AP (name=AP NAME) is silent. It may still be providing services but is unmanaged. Reason: (value='AP management process is not responding')


Is there a setting that we need to change here to get this working fully?

I don't mind resetting back to factory defaults, we don't have any special settings, only use the controller for managing the access points. But I did try resetting this the other week and the access points would not reconnect even reseting each one with a paperclip. SO had to restore the configuration file in the end

In reguards to the internet port and lan port, what is this meant to be set as? do you need ports plugged in by ethernet? Both seem to be current set at the same IP address and subnet which I didn't think was possable at this momment of time..


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Re: MSM760 with MSM410 and MSM430 Problems

I can't really help you with the AP weirdness, but what the port setup you need is depends on your needs.

If you don't want the controller NATing your traffic, you'll do fine with just the LAN port plugged in (that's how ours works). Having the same IP on two ports is probably going to be a bad idea (your client AP ARP tables are going to be a mess, and that might well explain some of the weirdness). 

So long as you're confident your LAN port etc. is correctly configured, with whatever VLANs etc. it might need, try simply unplugging the WAN port.  Some of the APs may lose connectivity until they get back on track with ARP (or the routers they go through if they're not connected to the controller at L2 "fix" their ARP entries).  Power cycling them or factory resetting them with a paperclip might sort it out faster.