M and MSM Series




We have an MSM760 controller located in our head office.  In our branch offices we have 40 MSM310 AP's controlled by the central controller. These have WPA2 with Shared Key for Security.

These sites are connnected to the controller via the internet to the Controller located in our Network Mgmt Network (Int Port connected to this network)


This works fine.


What we would like to configure is having a few Public access AP's setup using HTML authetication. At this point I am not concerned with securing the subnet at the Head Office. 


I have read the configuration guide but am not able to determine a typical setup example.


I can get a remote AP to connect as a Public access.  We get the web page login but after we login we are unable to get to the internet.


Here is our ideal scenario.


The controller Internet and Lan ports are on the different isolated networks with their own unique Internet feeds. Each Network has its own router/FW.   The AP's will discover the controller via the Int Port and nat'd through a Cisco Router.  This scenario already works for the Private AP's.


So for the Public AP's as I understand it all traffic is tunneled to the Head Office.  The Controller provides DHCP addresses to the public AP clients. Does it then in turn return the internet connection back out the Int port and out our Firewall to the Internet?


I followed a Document which is very good but isn't our scenario as we don't have a core network infrastructure that is configured for vlans.  Each Network is a flat 24 bit subnet mask.


What we can't get to work is after the clients authenticate they are unable to get internet access. I can can get DNS resolution from queries from the network. But cannot get web traffic to hit the internet.


Can anyone provide any suggestions of "Good" examples of this type of setup. 



I am unsure if our problem is strictly a routing issue through the controller.   


I appreciate any assistance that can be provided on this.

I attached a rough drawing of our network topology.