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MSM765 - AP Wireless Services Greyed out/AP's unsynchronized

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MSM765 - AP Wireless Services Greyed out/AP's unsynchronized

I have an MSM765 Wireless controller. It has 58 AP's that it is controlling. They are all E-MSM430 units. We have been experiencing 2 seperate issues.

1 - where different ones randomly are unsynchronized and do not accept connections from users. You synchronize them and they are back up and available.

2 - where the ap shows as synchronized, but the wireless services box in the gui isgreyed out. It also does not accept connections from users. You have to either resynchronize or power cycle the AP for it to come back online.

Both happen randomly, different ap's and different times. Could be a day or week before the issue arises again.


We have not made any changes since this has started occurring and Im not having any luck with tech support resolving the issue. They tell me that they see nothing that stands out in the logs. Im at the point where I am scratching my head. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: MSM765 - AP Wireless Services Greyed out/AP's unsynchronized



The only thing I can suggest is:


- Wait for the problem to reoccur

- Note down the affected AP(s)

- Note down MAC address of at least one client that is having problems connecting

- Gather config and sysinfo file from the controller

- Also gather sysinfo file(s) from the affected AP(s)

- Re-sync the affected AP(s) - don't power cycle please

- Draw a topology map which shows the controller, affected AP(s), all network devices between them, connecting port numbers and the device IPs or other IDs

- Lastly gather show tech all / disp diag / similar output from all wired devices between controller an affected AP(s)


The data should be gathered as soon as the issue appears, sysinfo files preferably before you even resolve the situation. With this we should be able to find the point of failure.


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