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MSM765, New hdd, new SD-card. Now what??

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MSM765, New hdd, new SD-card. Now what??

We have a Team of 5 MSM765. About a week ago 1 of them had a failed hdd.
HP sended me a new one and a new sd-card. 
I was under the impression it would be just to take out the MSM765, change the parts and re-install the module in the switch. BUT no.

What do i have to do when i have changed the Hdd and the sd-card?

Do i have to reinstall the licence for the module?
Do i treat the module like its new, set IP and all that?

Attached is what our 5412zl says about the modules.

Please help.

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Re: MSM765, New hdd, new SD-card. Now what??

Hello Eslovs,

Yes, you need to treat it like it is new. 

The instructions can be found here:


Since you are replacing an existing module in the same slot, there should be nothing to configure on the switch, just the module.

Then, login into the GUI, reinstal the licenses, confirm that the software version is the same, and join it to the team.


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Re: MSM765, New hdd, new SD-card. Now what??

We figured it out.

We ended up to factory reset the module.
No need to install the licences again.
The very short way was:
Activate the product os
Add the modules ip and add the route (** <GatewayIP> metric <1>) and reboot

Get an old webreader (Firefox 33) go the module address, do the initial conf and just tick the box "Controller teaming" in the Teaming page under Management.

Now it should show up in the team and you shold be able to autherize it.

I think that HP could have sent some instructions to do this, it´s not something you do so often (hopefully). They have instructions on how you change the Hdd and the CF-card AND that is the easy part to figure out.