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MSM765 Teaming - Account Validity

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MSM765 Teaming - Account Validity

Hi Community,


i want to create an user account with validity to one day. But all the validity parameters are greyed out.

I can't find some information why and ist it a reason of teaming with another controller?!?


Can you help me please? Thanks!


Re: MSM765 Teaming - Account Validity

Teaming removes a lot of features unfortunately so there isnt really anything that you can do at this stage.


You cant set account validity or use subscription plans once you tteam controllers - found this out myself the hard way :(


Re: MSM765 Teaming - Account Validity

Just to update:


All team members must have an IP address assigned to their LAN port.

This must be done even if the LAN port is not connected or not used in your setup.

The DHCP server feature is not supported when controller teaming is active, therefore an

external DHCP server needs to be installed to support dynamic addresses assignment to

controlled APs and their users.

APs do not have to be located on the same subnet as the team, but can be connected to

the team via an L3 network. However, all APs must reach the team on the same interface

(port, VLAN, etc.).

If the APs are provisioned for controller discovery, than the APs must be provisioned to

discover all controllers in the team, not just the team manager, otherwise failover is not


Multiple teams can be installed on the same subnet.

To successfully support controller teaming, the network that connects the controllers

must not block TCP port 4999 and UDP ports 4999, 38215, 51936.

The networking settings on each controller must match. If a VLAN is configured on the

Internet port of one controller, it is automatically configured on the Internet port of every

other team member. The switch ports to which controllers are connected must be

configured identically.

Public access

Customization of the public access interface web content should be done via attributes

retrieved from a third-party RADIUS server. If RADIUS is not available, you must

manually configure each controller in the team with matching settings.

Payment services are not supported.


Wired users are only supported via the MSM317 switch ports. Wired users cannot connect

directly to a team via the LAN or Internet ports.

The local user accounts do not support subscription plans when teaming is enabled.

Accounting persistence is not supported.


This is from page 8-6 of the manual


The GMS is also not supported on teamed controllers