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MSM765 Teaming

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MSM765 Teaming


I have installed two MSM765 WLAN Controllers and done a basic configuration, i.e. I have assigned one of them the IP address on its LAN port, on the other I assigned on its LAN port.  On one controller I enabled Teaming and pointed teaming to the LAN port.  I did the same on the other unit and made this one the Team Manager using the Team IP address of

Everyting went OK in that I could see both controllers, I then clicked on Authorise for the 'slave' controller but on the Diagnostic column in just says Waiting for Acceptance. 

I spoke to HP support and he advised upgrading, so I have upgraded both controllers to version but this has not resolved the issue.  I can't find any troubleshooting steps to resolve this in the manuals so does anyone have any ideas as to the next step?  Also, the customer wants me to add an MSM760 controller to the team but the documentation states that all controllers have to be the same model.  Can I join an MSM760 to the team?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: MSM765 Teaming

I'd try to break up the whole team and redo it.

You cannot join a MSM760 to a 765zl team, it has to be the same model.
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