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MSM765 multiple Public Networks?

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MSM765 multiple Public Networks?



Is it possible to run multiple public(guest) VSC?


We have two private VSC setup that link into our internal ip vlans and one Public VSC that has DHCP from the controller. These work perfectly fine as they are.


What I need to do is create another Public VSC for another site/group. This site will have a different webpage for guest access.



I want to setup a new Public VSC with a mirror configuration to the exisiting with DCHP enabled. When I do this both the Public and new Public cannot be connected to.


Public one has a conroller DHCP scope range of - 100 and new Public has - 250


When I uncheck the DCHP box in either of the public networks the other one will start working again.


Perhaps it is not possible to have this type of setup?


Any help or direction appreciated.