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MSM765 with AP MSM422

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MSM765 with AP MSM422



we have some problems with our AP MSM422 with a MSM765.

Some clients disconnecting from the network sometimes, WLAN telephone has sometimes aborts.



I see in the port statistics that the error counter goes up, see attachment.



This problem is only in this location with the AP MSM422, the other location has the newer AP E-MSM430.

We have the Firmware

Did someone have the same problems? Perhaps it is the "older" Firmware version?



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Re: MSM765 with AP MSM422

1. get the logs from the AP (Click on your AP -> Tools -> System Log -> Save) To get more logs you can remote the filter and let it run a bit then save. Post them here (attachment).

2. Maybe you can upgrade to newer FW version.

lets start with 1.