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MSM765zl Team Upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5+

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MSM765zl Team Upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5+

Good morning folks.

We have a pair of MSM765zl in teaming mode currently running firmware

They control 88 APs, primarily MSM460 access points.

We recently bought a few MSM560s and I've found that they require firmware 6.5.x.x as a minimum to play nice with the controllers.

I was planning on bumping the controllers firmware to (latest last time I checked) tonight so I can roll out the nicer APs but I have a few questions I'd really appreciate an answer to just because I've never updated a HP WiFi controller.

I've gone through the release notes and I can't see anything that concerns me but I figured asking this couldn't hurt.

Are there any prerequisits I should be aware of before updating the controllers?

Am I right in assuming that the firmware update should be done via the team management address and that my config and teaming won't be lost? (I'll be backing it up anyway)

I've budgeted 2 hours for the update and for the controller to push out the new firmware to all our remote sites - does that sound fair?

I appreciate any help you're all willing to provide.


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Re: MSM765zl Team Upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5+

1º The team manager is responsible for enforcing and updating the firmware of team members. An update to the team manager firmware triggers an update of all members and their controlled APs, ensuring that the entire network is running the same firmware.

The update time depends on the number of devices to be updated and communication link.

I recommend that before you upgrade, restart the Controllers and after back up the firmware and settings.