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MSM765zl, dynamic vlans via radius

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MSM765zl, dynamic vlans via radius



We've got MSM765zl module. Everything works fine, beside of dynamic vlans assigned from radius. " VSC egress mapping" in VSC profile, always overwrites radius settings. "User sessions" shows correct "egress vlan" assigned to user, but in reality user is located in VSC egress mapping vlan :(

Are there any other options to make dynamic vlans work properly?


More details:

- access and authentication control

- secure tunnel between AP and controller

- AP discovered via LAN port

- internet connection via Internet port

- software version 5.5.3


cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM765zl, dynamic vlans via radius

can you set switch port
swich port must have untag ap vlan for connect wireless controller between ap device.
and all other vlan (Eggress vlan ) tagged state