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MSM765zl issue

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MSM765zl issue



I have a problem with my MSM765zl module.


when i see the activate service of the module with switch's cli "show service", i can seen the "service A 1" (product service) and the "service A 2" (MSM 765 service).


when i want connect to the MSM765zl with switch i use the cli "service A 2", i can learn term and agrement, but when i write "yes" for to valide, i have this message:

              Unable to write token WEB / license-accepted: Generic config error (-1)


And my wifi application MSM of controleur don't start.


Some time, since a small laps time, this message error don't appears and i can access with the cli to the service MSM, but i can't use "factory settings" cli because this controleur is not the master of the team

(ProCurve Switch 5406zl(msm765-application-A)(config)# factory settings
% ERROR: Command is available only when this device is a stack manager. Device)


somebody have a idéa for repair my controlers?

reinstall flash application?




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Re: MSM765zl issue

So is this a new module? It indeed looks like it's a team member. In that case it should be fully functional, and you don't access or configure it otherwise directly, but through the team GUI interface.


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