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MSM765zl unresponsive!!

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MSM765zl unresponsive!!

Hi all,


I "had" 2 msm765zl controllers in my network, teamed and all working.  We had some issues with firmware and were advised to go back to 5.5.3.  During this rollback my main controller stopped responding and it now seems to be confused and unresponsive!!  I have managed to move all the configs over to the working controller and that is stable (still on  I can connect to the dodgy msm through the CLI but am unable to connect via the web management??  I have tried changing the IP address on the LAN etc. and reloaded/rebooted several times to no effect.  There seems to be very little I can do to recover this device from the CLI, would dearly love to factory reset it so I can re-configure but there does not appear to be a way to do this in the CLI???  Is it totally knackered or can I recover??


Thanks in advance



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Re: MSM765zl unresponsive!!

In the CLI you can do 




factory settings


(At least on, don't know if this command is available in 5.5.3)