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MSM775zl wireless controllers teaming configuration problem

Occasional Contributor

MSM775zl wireless controllers teaming configuration problem



I have a pair of MSM775zl controllers, inserted into two 5406zl switches. I performed the inital setup on the controllers and currently I'm trying to configure them for teaming. I configured one as master, using the LAN port, a vlan which is not used by anything else and an IP address of a range dedicated for this purpose. Also, on that controller, I configured the Team Manager settings in order to be the manager of the team. For IP I used one from the network range of the LAN port and as interface I choose the LAN port. On the other controller, I choose on the field "Establish control channel on" the LAN port, on vlan the same one as on the other controller and IP from the same range as the other.


The first controller realise hisself as a master controller. The second one, is keep trying to find the master without results. I tried to reboot both of them, but no luck.


Please, if you have deal with that in the past, give me some help.



Pete W
Valued Contributor

Re: MSM775zl wireless controllers teaming configuration problem

Have you:


  • Configured VLAN 5 on each switch?
  • Tagged the LAN interface of each controller into VLAN 5?
  • Ensured that VLAN 5 can traverse between the 2 x 5406 switches?