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MSM7xx Firmware

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MSM7xx Firmware

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I know in the past with other HP products I've been able to obtain firmware updates via the download center. Is there a FTP site at all that provides the latest MSM7xx firmware? The individual in my organization who has this is gone on vacation, and I have a great upgrade window to get this done now.

If not, I can grab the login from them when they return, but thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone knew.



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Re: MSM7xx Firmware

for MSM firmware upgrade it's not available for free (like other procurve products) the software is free for minor-software-updates only and for 1 years, for majoir update or upgrade you need to purchase it.


Re: MSM7xx Firmware

I would like to upgrade from firmware version for our MSM710

Where can we buy these updates?
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Re: MSM7xx Firmware

Hi Randy,

as written, the software is not for free in general. In year one you only get bug fixes (5.3.x) and not Minor Updates (5.x), as written from the other author. So just open a call. If you want to have any other updates which includes new features, please buy a Carepack or sign a support contract with HP Networking.


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Re: MSM7xx Firmware


I just bought 2 msm422 yesterday..
The installed firmware is about 1 year old when I'm not mistaken.

I would expect to be allowed to flash the current firmware version that is available at the date of purchase.

Is that so?

I registered a device, but I'm unable to find/get current firmware.

What must I do to get it?


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Re: MSM7xx Firmware

Hi Maxx

Call your local support center. With a new device they should provide you a new SW as well.



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Re: MSM7xx Firmware

Thank you! I did that and they sent me the new firmware ;)