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MSM7xx HTTP UPSTREAM PROXY & DNAT Server problems....

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MSM7xx HTTP UPSTREAM PROXY & DNAT Server problems....

i have a customer that requires public-access wifi alongside his secure corporate-access wifi network, which in itself is no big problem. The main issue is that the internet connectivity for the publi-access network is via a proxy server.

In the past this has always been possible with MSM7xx controllers by using UPSTREAM PROXY in conjuction with the DNAT-Server attributes in the Public Access > Attributes configuration screens.

Has anyone-else had reason to use these features in code? If so, does it still work?

Apparently HP have NO official documentation or config guide for these features (according to support) with which to check our existing config (that always used to work) against.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: MSM7xx HTTP UPSTREAM PROXY & DNAT Server problems....

I am currently using these features but are having a few difficulties with different devices. Windows appears ok, apple & android are being a little funny as usual. Did you resolve your problem. maybe you have worked out a few things that might be causing my problems.