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MSN 760, how many SSID and VLANS are supported

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MSN 760, how many SSID and VLANS are supported

Please some one light me how many SSID and VLAN are support by MSN 760, I going to use MSN in non access controlled mode.

As per document it says it is 16, but when I try 3 SSID, my first ssid gets DHCP and get connected switch, but the remaining SSID is not getting DHCP ?

Also please help me with DHCP troubleshoot commands in MSN 760
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Re: MSN 760, how many SSID and VLANS are supported

For the other 2 SSIDs, since you have mentioned that thery are not access controlled, when you bind the VSC to APs group did you check use egress vlan and put the vlan ID you want to use with this VSC?

Also on the switch where the APs are connected, make sure that the ports for the APs are tagged on the required vlans, in your case 3 VSCs means 3 vlans to be tagged.

Also for the DHCP, it should be external on this case, under the vlan on the switch which is handling the routing, did you configure ip helper-address ?

After checking all of these it should work normally with no issues.

For troubleshooting the DHCP you can simply attach a pc to a port untagged on the vlan you want to test and check if the pc gets ip address from the DHCP server on that vlan.

If it's getting ip address correctly then there is something wrong in the configuration for the VSC, have you unchecked the 'wireless security filter" on the VSC ?

Just use the same configuration from the working VSC except the VSC binding where you should use different egress vlans for each VSC.
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Re: MSN 760, how many SSID and VLANS are supported

Thanks a lot, Now it is working by tagged access port in the switch.

Thanks a lot for your help.