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Managing MSM410's from a tagged VLAN?

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Managing MSM410's from a tagged VLAN?

I have a pair of MSM410's that I have connected through a 5406zl switch. The basic configuration I have is I have two SSID's on each - an open SSID that's piped to a dedicated wireless VLAN that only provides internet access, and an encrypted SSID that is for my LAN. The problem I'm having is with management. I have not been able to get the MSM's to work on the same VLAN as my LAN - whenever I try to set it there, it complains about it being used already.


I don't use the Default VLAN (1) for anything, but unfortunately, at the moment, that's where the MSMs management resides. I'd like to have the MSMs managable from my LAN VLAN (75), which is also assigned as an egress VLAN for my LAN wireless, while keeping untagged traffic going to VLAN 1 as a black hole for invalid traffic. Is this possible?

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Re: Managing MSM410's from a tagged VLAN?

I would suggest one of two things to fix this - and I'm not sure about the second.  The first would be to simply untag the port that the AP is plugged into on the LAN VLAN and don't egress the wireless traffic as tagged.  You're not really opening up any security holes or making it any less secure doing it that way if your management network is the internal VLAN anyway.


The second option, and I don't know if it's possible because I don't have an autonomous AP handy, is to create an IP interface on your LAN VLAN (75) and assign it an IP on that network.  It can be done with a controller but on a standalone I'm not so sure.

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