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Meshing w/ MSM 320-R

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Meshing w/ MSM 320-R

I'm having some trouble getting a mesh going between some MSM320-Rs.

One thing that I noticed though was that with a particular setting configuration, the AP would get stuck in some sort of a loop.

The AP would boot up, get identified with the Access Controller, go through all the steps, enable VSC, and then after a minute or so the Access Controller would lose connection to the AP, and the process starts all over again.

Although the VSCs were enabled, albeit briefly, no clients could connect.

And this AP was the master, it had a wired connection to the Access Controller.

Even changing the setting didn't help at this point. I had to reset the AP to factory defaults, and only after that it was stable.

I have a feeling that this happened when I enabled mesh on both of the radios, but I'm not sure. Anyone else experience the same problem?

Now if I could figure out why my mesh doesn't work...



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Re: Meshing w/ MSM 320-R

Two things to clarify,
1. It's that your MSM320 AP having different firmware version from the controller? If yes, the AP will try to download new firmware and perform the reboot cycle.
2. If you set the both radio to MESH, then for sure that there is no SSID will be broadcasting out from the AP because both the radio in MESH mode. You can try to select "mesh and AP" mode together.

To perform the dynamic meshing in MSM some simple step here you can follow,
1. Under the AP (AP1) connect directly to the controller, create the local mesh profile.
2. For that AP1, under the configure local mesh profile, uncheck inherited, select enable, insert others necessary setting like mode and mesh ID.
3. On the other hand, provision the AP (AP2) that will be connecting using mesh.
4. Enter the provision mode and insert necessary mesh info just set in step 2.
5. Reset the AP2 after done the configuration.
6. AP will be discover thru meshing and place in default AP group in left pane. This AP will turn red and not function after discover by controller. (because AP2 try to getting configuration from default group which overwrite it own config)
7. You need to create a new AP group with mesh setting same with step 4. Drag the AP2 in the group. The AP2 will be restarting automatically.
8. The AP2 will be becoming green again. Check the mesh status.

Hope this will be helping you.

Re: Meshing w/ MSM 320-R

Yes it did help - you know why? Because I forgot to reboot the master AP after changing the meshing settings...

Of all the things to forget.


And as far as the reboot cycle earlier... Maybe the Radio 1 on the AP saw the mesh on Radio 2, tried to connect to it, and created a loop?

Re: Meshing w/ MSM 320-R

May be...nice to hear it work.
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Re: Meshing w/ MSM 320-R

When I purchased several of my MSM-320-R devices, 5 to be exact.  I was informed by HP Support that I did not need the controller device if I was going to deploy a MESH network off of my office network and use my router for DHCP.


Is this still true?