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Move access points from MSM710 to MSM760

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Move access points from MSM710 to MSM760

I had a MSM710 that we are replacing with a MSM760.  The 710 would only control 10 access points.  I can't the dogs to move from one to the other.  I've changed the DHCP scope Colubris object and identify the new MSM760.  I also rebooted each access point.  I even turned off the 710 for a week.  They get discovered and then just won't sync or anything with 760.  Turn the 710 back on and they run right back to it.



Glen Willms
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Re: Move access points from MSM710 to MSM760

I'm going through a similar process myself and I may be having similar issues. 


In my case my WAN connected APs are getting stuck at the 'Establishing Tunnel' phase. Is that happening to you as well? Oddly though, my LAN connected APs are working fine. 


I do not have any firewall between the controllers and the APs.