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Msm760 Password forgotten solution

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Msm760 Password forgotten solution

I've tried everything but I could not find the reset, etc. I have not found any options. Can you help me?

 (herşeyi denetim fakat sonuç alamadim resetleme vs hiç seçenek bulamadim yardim edermisiniz)

To recover password:

1. Connect to controller using Console Cable

2. Reboot the controller and wait for Login prompt

3. Enter "emergency" without quote as username and after that it will give two option i.e.

4. reset password, select 1

5. after that it will give same prompt, select 0.

6. now you can use default username and password i.e. admin/admin.


Re: Msm760 Password forgotten solution

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If you forget the manager password, the only way to access the management tool is to reset the controller to factory default settings.  I don't think there is a separate password recovery procedure without loosing your settings.

Refer section Resetting to factory defaults in the PDF: http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c02566413-2.pdf

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Re: Msm760 Password forgotten solution



Hope you are following the procedure in the below URL



There is another option to factory reset the controller.


The MSM760 can be reset to factory defaults by using a serial cable connected to the console port and monitoring the startup of the unit after a power restart. 
  1. Power off the controller. 
  2. Connect a serial cable to the controller console port.
  3. Configure a communications terminal program (such as Microsoft Hyperterminal for Windows, or Minicom for Linux) as follows:  
		• Terminal: VT-100 (ANSI) 
		• Speed: 9600 bps  
		• For the MSM760, set speed to 9600 bps. 
		• Data bits: 8 
		• Stop bits: 1  
		• Parity: none  
		• Flow control: none  
  4. Open an appropriately-configured terminal session. 
  5. Power on the controller. System boot messages appear.  
  6. Do not press any keyboard keys. Wait for the LILO prompt to appear. It looks like this:  
LILO 22.1 boot:

IMPORTANT: As soon as the LILO prompt appears, tap the keyboard space bar to prevent  the automatic (non-factory-default) boot from continuing. You must tap the space bar or other  key within four seconds of the prompt appearing. 
  7. At the LILO prompt, type the command 
linux factory
and press “Enter”. The unit is reset to factory defaults and will boot up normally.




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Re: Msm760 Password forgotten solution

After I do the "space bar then type linux factory, then enter" the system begins to boot but stops.  Below is what it looks like:


root (hd0,5)
Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
chainloader +1

LILO 22.1 boot: linux factory
Loading linux…………………………………..