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Multiple MSM430 without controller

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Multiple MSM430 without controller

GOod day to all!

Can someone help me on this.

I am using 8 E-MSM430 without controller..

I can't seem to find the IP range for the AP.. i am plannig to set specific range for each AP. because i am afraid that it would cause a traffic or ip conflict if dont set a specific ip range.

I set each AP to VLAN 50..,,,,,,,

would this be possible? i spent a week scratching my head because AP doesnt give me access to internet..or maybe because i forgot or there's something wrong in my configuration..

Can someone help please.

Thank you so much! 

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Re: Multiple MSM430 without controller

Are the APs fully configured (SSID, DHCP ranges or a DHCP relay) and users can connect to the APs? If so: Internet is ususally accessible through a security gateway such as a firewall. Are your AP's and WLAN user ranges whitelisted?

A high level diagram and some configuration output may be helpful here,