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Multiple SSID on MSM720 an AP MSM460

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Multiple SSID on MSM720 an AP MSM460

Hello everyone,

We have an installation with MSM720 and about 30 MSM460 AP's.
We configured a while ago 4 different SSID's in 4 different VLAN's with each their ouw DHCP server

Now we added one more SSID in a fifth VLAN and a fifth DHCP server.

The strangest thing now is that 1 of the about 30 AP's is working correctly (client is receiving IP address) but none of the others. 
All AP's are in the default group and synchronised.
All ports on the switches are configured correctly for this new VLAN.

Anyone some idea's how we can solve this.

We are situated in Belgium and it seems to be very difficult to find any PRO supportpartner.
So if anyone knows a good partner in Belgium?