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.NET and the MSM765 WLAN Controller

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.NET and the MSM765 WLAN Controller



I must create a Webapplication in .NET with ASP.NET (C#). For this I use the MSM_SOAP_XML_SDK_550 . I want to built a Web interface that can add a Internetconnection for a Guest for a certain time but I don't find a good documentation for the Methods and Classes from the SDK. 


Here my Code:


PROCURVE_MOBILITY_MSMPortTypeClient mobilty = new PROCURVE_MOBILITY_MSMPortTypeClient();

            GetSubscriptionPlanListResponseList subscriptionplan = new GetSubscriptionPlanListResponseList();

            subscriptionplan = mobilty.GetSubscriptionPlanList();


I'm not sure whether th Code is right vut I want for the first time list the subscripts in a Console or a webinterface.





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