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New to the forum, HELP with a 3crwe554g72

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New to the forum, HELP with a 3crwe554g72

Hay all, as you can tell by my topic I am new here and I really need some help.  To fill you in on my issue I have a 3CRWE554G72 and I am have an issue with detecting the wireless signal, I do notice that when I first plug the unit in the LAN enabled light comes on for only a few seconds and then the alart light blinks twice and then the LAN light goes out.(I dont know if this helps or not)  The real issue is I have tried to log into the router to upgrade the firmware and such(because I don't know which one it has) but it will not let me log into the unit, please help I am looking for any ideas and any help what so ever.  If you need to ask qustions about the router or anything please feel free to reply and I will do all I can to help.  One other thing I have tried all the IP's that I know 192.......1.1   I have tried 1.0    1.2   0.0  IF there is an issue with the IP I am using please fill me in on that, and sorry if this is a stupid or anoying question.

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Re: New to the forum, HELP with a 3crwe554g72


Have you tried reseting the AP to default ? Press reset button for 5 to 10 seconds.

Try connecting the AP to another PC or LAN connection.

If this still goes on, you may have a hardware fault. AN RMA can be created with 3com over Esupport or over the phone.

Good luck

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....