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No Calling-Station-ID sent to RADIUS server

Ulrich Saur

No Calling-Station-ID sent to RADIUS server



on several MSM controllers I configured multiple VSCs with 802.1x authentication and authenticated them with separate policies on the RADIUS server by setting a Called-Station-ID condition. Best experiences I had with the "macaddress:ssid" setting.


Now, I have a team of two MSM760 running 5.5.1 that are not sending any Called-Station-ID to the RADIUS independent of what I configure.

The other difference is, that most of the VSCs I configured this way were not authenticated via the controller, but in the (sparse) documention is only mentioned that Calling-Station-ID is not working with access-controlled VSCs.


Any advice? 


I plan to do a firmware update to when it is possible but this a heavy load environment and with authentication done by the controllers I don't dare to upgrade the controllers without confirmed downtime... :smileyindifferent:


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Re: No Calling-Station-ID sent to RADIUS server

Same problem here, but with MSM410 :(