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Not obtaining DHCP IP-address (VSC on LAN interface - Internet router)


Not obtaining DHCP IP-address (VSC on LAN interface - Internet router)

Hi all,


I'm trying to get the following working. (see also graph)


Guest VSC over VLAN 320 towards Internet router with router handling DHCP and Internet traffic.

However this is not working with the following configuration.



- No VSC Ingress mapping

- No alway tunnel client traffic

- No DHCP in VSC (DHCP server active on WLC)


VLAN 320:

- VLAN, VLAN mapping, VSC binding on AP group (synchronized)

- WLC LAN port tagged

- Switch interfaces in path  tagged

- Switch port toward router untagged


What I expect is that when a client connect with the guest SSID, traffic as DHCP and on, would flow from the AP over VLAN 320 towards the Internet router to get an IP address and afterwards manage all trafic towards the Internet.


Is this correct?


However I 'm not getting an IP-address.

The funny thing is this was working until this morning. No modifications made.

Another thing is that when I made a change to this guest VSC, the module crashed.


TIA Jaap


- MSM765zl WLC, firmware v5.7.1.0

- MSM430 AP

- 2910al PoE switch for APs

- 5412 switch wih module in L

- 5406 switch with router connected

- Fritz!box router