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OfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 disconnecting

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OfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 disconnecting


I am using a wireless router with a cable modem, which is connected with static ip directly (no dialup/authentication). I have the most recent firmware version 1.3.06ww.

Recently the router began to disconnect frequently, every 1-5 minutes (and then reconnect after ~30 seconds). This happened without anything being changed (perhaps the disconnections were less frequent at the start). Needless to say, this does not happen when I connect my computer directly to the modem (using the same ethernet cable).

Any help?



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Re: OfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 disconnecting

look in the logs, your ISP must have changed something about the Modem.

Plug your PC to the WAN port of the 3Com Router, do you loose the connection every few minutes too ? ( Light of WAN will flash when it is lost )

- If No, Cable Modem changed negotiation skills, speak to your ISP

- If yes, you have a faulty WAN port... contact 3Com to arrange an RMA if possible.

Hope this helps

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....
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Re: OfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 No DSL connection

My router won't detect the DSL line plugged in. The unit did not come with a patch cable so i would like to make one up. please give me the pin outs for the DSL RJ45 port. I made a cable from RJ11 (South Africa) with 2=A & 3=B to RJ45 A=4 & B5

with no success.

Please help