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Older firmware releases?

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Older firmware releases?

The current 5.5.x firmware releases seem to have broken AD authentication.   I have asked tech support for access to an older release 5.4.x to see if I can get things working again but have not heard back from them.  Does anyone have a 5.4.x release that they could attach here or does anyone know of a secret ftp site that has the old releases?  I'm aware that the older releases have issues with some newer AP's but I can work around that. 


I hope someone can help......



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Re: Older firmware releases?

Same issue with my MSM422 AP as well. Upgrade the firmware to version V5.5.2.1_MR_V5.5.2.1_MSM422.cim & received feedback from user that laptop is connected to AP via radius authentication  (802.1x) but no internet access. I try to ping from the AP web management and received ping reply.  It anyone out there have the older firmware since previously my AP is working fine on older firmware. Can't find it on HP Support Web Site. Thanks for the help.