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Opening ports on 3CRWER300-73?

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Opening ports on 3CRWER300-73?

I have a 3CRWER300-73 as my router for my home LAN. I have two switches and several PCs, laptops and media items on the network.  All of them work without flaws.  On the Network I also have three (3) Directv HR24 receivers that need to have the same ports open to them in order to connect to the internet for TV APS to work properly. I can get one to work at a time by opening up ports 1-30000 TCP and UDP in the virtual servers section. However, the router will only allow me to open these ports to one receiver at a time. If I do two or three I get a duplicate external port error. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work with this router?

I also should state that I am running firmware version 1.11.01 and I do have DHCP enabled but I have everything set to a fixed IP adress in the router.  Thanks.

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Re: Opening ports on 3CRWER300-73?

You can only redirecta port to one address only.

Som since 1-30000 are sent to one IP address, you will not be able to send them to another one too.


Your best solution will be using DMZ and with Public IPs, one for each receiver.


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