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Outdoor antennas for MSM 466 ?

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Outdoor antennas for MSM 466 ?

Hi Team,


Please advise me which antennas can I use with MSM 466? I am planning to install 9 APs in total outside a factory. Looking for dual band omnidirectional (OUTSIDE) antennas which are fully compatible with MSM 466. 


Can I connect this two antennas ( links below ) to a single MSM 466?




I need both bands working outside.


Thanks a lot guys



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Re: Outdoor antennas for MSM 466 ?

I've used J9719A and J9720A outdoor antennas with the 466-R APs. they seem to work well.
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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: Outdoor antennas for MSM 466 ?

Ditto for us as well.  Single outdoor 466-R and a J9719a and J9720a MIMO Omni setup.  Works fine.  Over a year and a half outdoors.

Richard Litchfield
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Re: Outdoor antennas for MSM 466 ?

Just watch the antennae connections.

  • The MSM466-R (ruggedised outdoor) has the large N type connectors.
  • The MSM466 (internal) has the smaller RP-SMA type connectors.


The outdoor antennae that HP sells have N type connectors; to connect to an internal MSM466, you will need an adapter or suitably equipped RF/Cable guy to reterminate, provide extensions, etc. The adapters are not sold by HP.


PS: The OMNI antennae we used in the waves at the beach are still working a year later!


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Re: Outdoor antennas for MSM 466 ?

I'm sorry, I'm not sure this question was clearly answered. You all refer to the MSM466-R but is the antenna compatible with the indoor MSM466?